Fish are exquisite, aquatic animals that are not only beautiful to behold, but also known to have therapeutic effects, well!

If you’re toying with the idea of investing in fish, but still mulling over your fish tank options, the very first step lies in determining the age ole’ quandary: Saltwater or Freshwater?

Infographic Saltwater vs Freshwater Tank

Selecting a freshwater tank is often the recommended choice for a beginner aquarist. Generally, freshwater tanks are

  • easier to maintain,
  • present fewer risks/hazards,
  • and are less expensive.

A freshwater tank can be a glass or acrylic tank of any size, and offer a wide variety of choices in plant life for freshwater aquariums. Popular freshwater fish include: cichlids (retailed at $5); betta fish (retailed at $3); gouramis fish (retailed at $2); goldfish ($3), and tetras fish ($2).

Saltwater aquariums are more expensive than freshwater tanks, and often more precarious to maintain. Despite the responsibilities associated with a saltwater tank, the natural beauty of maintaining such unique marine life is rewarding enough to offset the challenges.

Saltwater aquariums enable owners to cultivate livestock that is much more vibrant and colorful than what is found in a freshwater tank. Popular saltwater fish include clownfish (retailed at $30); butterflyfish (retailed at $75); dottybacks ($15), and blennies ($20).

Ultimately, you should weigh your aquarium options. If costs is an issue, it’s probably best that you opt for a freshwater tank first. If the cost isn’t much of an issue for you and you want a more vibrant and colorful tank, a saltwater is the way to go.

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