The best LED aquarium lighting for an individual would, quite obviously, depend on the kind of animals and plants you’re housing in your aquarium.

Aquarium lights don’t just serve as a piece of décor. The reason these are an essential item in any aquarium is much more serious. Maintaining an optimum temperature and lighting inside the aquarium is a must to ensure the proper growth of the corals, marine plants and fishes dwelling inside it.

Confused with the choices already? Fret not. I have narrowed down the choices to 5 products that I have examined personally on different occasions.


Reviews of the Best Led Aquarium Lighting

Nicrew LED Aquarium Light White and Blue with Extendable Brackets

These super bright, sturdily built LED lights from Nicrew have everything average hobbyists can seek for.

To start with, it is not too bright which keeps the water temperature in check. As a result, the plants grow at a healthy pace, and my fishes look really happy and at peace. The bulbs are made from plastic and have a black finish which makes them catchy to look at.

It has two light settings, the regular mode will turn on both white and blue LEDs while the night mode will only keep the blue lights on. Watching the underwater environment with these bright blue lights on at night is food for the soul.

Let me warn you, the appearance of this light might be deceptive. It may not look long enough, but I have tried the 20”-27” version in a 20 gallon and a 40-gallon tank. It fitted both tanks without much trouble.

Last but not the least, since the lights are LED, they are pretty energy-saving. To top it off, the pocket-pinch for the product itself is also not that high.



  • The 20”-27” inch light fits easily into medium-large sized aquariums
  • Not too bright
  • Energy-efficient



  • Might get slightly dimmed after being used for a few months

* Read what customers say about it on Amazon *


Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus Light for Aquarium

This particular model has been quite popular among aquarium owners for quite a while now. The feature I enjoy the most has to be the remote controlled color and effects.

It offers a full spectrum of RGB LED lights. You can virtually control the brightness of each color individually.

And as if that wasn’t cool enough, you also get to add fun effects such as cloud cover, dusk, fading lunar and many more. You can even create your own dynamic effect by tweaking the RGB+ brightness.

All the LEDs are IP65 rated which renders them perfectly safe to use in aquariums. Moreover, the power consumption is within a certain limit since these are LED lights.

Coming to the lighting output, it provides 2000 lumens which promotes the rapid growth of aquatic plants. I fixed the 24”-36” inch version on a 24” tank with live plants in it and it works amazingly.


  • The main reason why it deserves a spot on my list of the best LED aquarium lighting is its satellite control of RGB colors and dynamic effects
  • Easy to install
  • Long-lasting
  • IP65 rated for safety



  • Expensive

* Read what customers say about it on Amazon *


Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light

This is another beautiful set of LED lights replete with advanced features. I would like to begin the review with the Ramp Timer PRO Controller.

It lets you operate the spectrum and effects such as 24-hour on/off/dim control, moonlight intensity through a remote control. I don’t want to blabber the technical jargon much.

In short, it simply lets you create a natural, rhythmic light cycle to keep the invertebrates, corals, and plants healthy and happy.

It also allows you the flexibility to tweak the settings anytime according to the ambiance and weather. Setting up the light won’t seem difficult if you go through the manual carefully. The sliding docking legs come very handy while mounting the LEDs.

The Dual Actinic and Dual Daylight spectrums include a wide number of rich colors. The vibrancy it adds to the fish tank is awe-inspiring, to say the least.

Very few LED lights match this model when it comes to appearance


  • Dual Daylight and Dual Actinic spectrums
  • Easy to set-up
  • Great for growing corals



  • Might not perform well in a 90-gallon tank

* Read what customers say about it on Amazon *


KOVAL 156 LED Aquarium Light

This one might not have the hi-tech tech features like the previous two models, but it certainly makes up for it with its unique benefits.

This one comes with extendable brackets which make the LEDs a right fit for any aquarium, irrespective of its size and shape. The sleek and stylish design gel with the décor amazingly.

Coming to the performance, the bulbs consume minimal electricity. The run time it provides is 50000 hours which is quite decent considering the price. I have tested it on a 75-gallon fish tank, and it enhanced the beauty of it manifold.

I have seen many standard LED bars going out of order if one or two bulbs stop working.

Thankfully, this one won’t, at least it promises not to. The colors are spectacular. It’s not overtly bright so, it highlights the details of the fishes, corals, and plants really well.



  • The extendable brackets
  • Bright color spectrum that make watching the activity of the inhabitants a delight for the eyes
  • Affordable



  • Can be broken easily if not handled with care

* Read what customers say about it on Amazon *


Amzdeal White Blue Aquarium Light, Fish Tank LED Light

If I judge this product based solely on the light output, this is one of the best LED aquarium lightings in its league, hands down.

It is a great example of a good thing in a small package. It doesn’t look like a top-end light per se but definitely, shines like of them.

Moreover, it doesn’t produce much heat. Therefore, it would be a suitable bet for fishes which thrive in cold or lukewarm water.

The light will easily support small-medium tanks. Mounting it was a matter of a few minutes for me.

I seem to like the blue light more than the regular ones. The dimming works perfectly and creates a magical ambiance at the nighttime.



  • Small LEDs with excellent brightness
  • Super-easy to fit
  • The Night mode creates a beautiful effect in the aquarium


  • Not suitable for big aquariums

* Read what customers say about it on Amazon *


Things to Look for While Buying LED Aquarium Lighting

Buying an LED aquarium light isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. Each brand is up to something new and introducing us to innovative features.

So, what are the essential features you should expect?

  • Size is the most important factor to take into consideration while shopping for LED lights for your fish tank or bowl. Quite obviously, if you have a large aquarium, say, of 150 gallons, you will need lots of LEDs to gain an adequate volume of light.
  • Secondly, you need to be aware of the ideal environment of the plants and creatures you’re housing in your aquarium. Depending on that, you’ll have to choose the color spectrum which will impact the growth of the living organisms apart from the aesthetics.
  • The type of fishes you’re keeping inside the aquarium should also be taken into account.


Benefits of Installing LED lights in Aquariums

  • Ensures rapid and healthy growth of the aquarium inmates. Studies have shown that lighting condition plays a pivotal role in the behavior of the fishes as well.
  • Lets you enjoy the activity of the fishes and the décor of the tank clearly.
  • LED lights are way safer to use than fluorescent bulbs or metal halide.


The Bottom Line

Having considered the technical aspects, overall performance, and price, I would declare Nicrew LED Aquarium Light a clear winner. It’s within the budget of average customers, and the lighting performance is nearly flawless.

But if you’re okay with stretching your wallet, Current USA Orbit is a luxury worth indulging in. The wireless control, stunning effects and vibrant color spectrum-all come together to make this set of LED lights truly a class apart.

Finding the best LED aquarium lighting that meets your requirements, that too within your budget, could be a daunting task. Research is the only key here.

The more you will get to know about the product you’re about to invest in, the higher is your chances of making a right choice.


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