Having the right fish tanks helps you create an ideal environment for your tiny mates. There are different varieties and sizes of tanks depending on the type and number of fishes you want to keep, we decided to focus on the best 80 gallon fish tanks available today.

Buying a fish tank is a challenging task any day. First, you have to make sure the model fits in your budget and then meets all your requirements as well.

Since 80 gallons tanks are huge and heavy, investing in a non-durable product can lead to a big mess in future. On the brighter side, they are easier to maintain than small aquariums.

We have narrowed down to 5 products in the best 80-gallon fish tanks category. Hope you’ll find what you’re looking for from our list. So, without any further ado, here we go:

Reviews of the Best 80 Gallon Fish Tanks:


80 Gallon Starfire Aquariums with Center Overflow

When it comes to large fish tanks, many do not find glass tanks reliable. However, glass aquariums provide the most stunning view of the fishes and their environment.

The product under the scanner is one such rimless, glass fish tank. The first thing that gets your immediate attention is the grandeur of its looks. It would go great with any interior décor.

The thickness of material makes the aquarium robust enough and long-lasting too if properly taken care of.

It comes with a host of features such as pre-drilled drain and return holes, accessories like a T-pipe and a Durso Standpipe to make the installation feel like a breeze. The pre-drilled holes let you place the overflow system inside the tank without worrying about drilling the glass manually.

The only maintenance hassle of such large fish tanks is changing the water from time to time. Since a full tank would weight around 850 lb, you got to be extra careful.

However, the lack of a lid in the package is a bit of a bummer. This aside, the Starfire aquarium ticks all the right boxes and is definitely one of the best 80 gallon fish tanks offered.



  • Gorgeous looks could be an elegant center-piece in your living room or office cabin
  • Sturdy construction
  • Set-up requires no professional help



  • Doesn’t come with a lid


All Glass Aquarium AAG12344 with One Over Flow Pump, 75-Gallon, Fluorescent

This reef-ready 75-gallon aquarium houses the best overflow system among all the other products in our list. But what makes it really one of the best 80-gallon fish tanks of the present times is the smart integration of mega flow technology.

Those who don’t know what it really is, this is a method used for boosting the water circulation in the filter system. The same technology also accounts for the silent operation of the aquarium.

Decorate the aquarium with blue and white LEDs and behold the amazing view of nightlife under water. You can find the suitable lightings from any local store.

Suitable for reef water, saline, and freshwater, this All Glass 75 aquarium functions better than many regular 80-gallon fish tanks. We tried pretty hard but didn’t encounter any disadvantage worth mentioning.



  • The use of Megaflow technology
  • Visually stunning
  • Noise-free operation
  • Brilliant overflow system



Fortunately, we found none


CAD Lights 60 Gallon True Cube Versa Series Aquarium

The biggest advantage of a low-iron fish tank like CAD Lights is that they weigh much less than glass tanks. If you’re buying an aquarium for the first time or have children at home, this is one could be a much safer option.

It’s 60” tall height, and an accurate cube design makes it an ideal suit for reef, plants, shrimps and a large variety of fishes.

Notwithstanding its minimalistic yet robust build quality, it’s quite reasonably priced. Plus, it comes with an LOC-line plumbing kit to help you with the assembly. We won’t recommend DIY installation unless you’ve prior experience with aquariums.

Its rimless, evaporation reducing glass cover deserves a Brownie point. It helps in keeping the humidity level of the room (where the tank has been placed) within the normal range.

Its tight-fitting design prevents water splashing. Saltwater splashes on furniture or individual fixture can otherwise lead to corrosion.



  • Evaporation reducing glass lid
  • Cost-effective
  • More lightweight than most other glass tanks



  • Only made for saltwater fishes


SCA 66 Gallon Starfire Rimless Aquariums

Now, if you’re running out of options for 80-gallon aquariums, this 66-gallon rimless fish tank could be a worthy alternative. It has all the required features to create a healthy and comfortable habitat for fishes and invertebrates.

The build quality of the tank leaves no scope for any doubt, thanks to the premium quality Starfire glass used in building the frame. However, Starfire glass is used only on the three sides, the bottom is made from a standard glass.

We have tested a number of aquariums before writing this article, but the optical clarity this model provides is the best ever

Moreover, it comes with bulkheads, Durso standpipe, and other plumbing kits, aiding a seamless DIY installation.

What impressed us the most in the whole package, apart from the appearance of the aquarium, is the quality of the stand. It is made from a specially manufactured MDF wood and has a commendable durability.

However, setting up the cabinet was a challenge even for a seasoned user like me. But that aside, this product overall is clearly a winner in its price range and deserves your attention.



  • Stand made from MDF wood
  • Extremely robust Starfire glass frame
  • The package includes almost all the essential kits required for the installation



  • Setting up the cabinet is time-consuming


80 Gallon Rimless Frag Aquarium For Corals, Invertebrates, Marine Fish, and Tropical Fish

Aquarium Masters has been manufacturing top- quality aquariums for years and built quite a reputation for itself. The AM13580 series 80-gallon fish tanks are one of their highest sold products of all time.

Its rimless Euro design with diamond polished edges not only makes it a beautiful piece to look at but also a highly safe housing for your marine mates. The tempered bottom of the unit will prevent the equipment from accidental damages.

On top of it, the use of black silicone sealant effectively resists leakage issues and capillary action of water.

You won’t have to struggle to find the right heater and lighting systems for this 80-gallon tank as they are sold in various sizes by the same manufacturer.

Most of all, it has the stamp of a trustworthy brand on it which is quite a critical aspect when it comes to splurging on delicate items like aquariums.

This aquarium definitely deserves to be one of the best 80 gallon fish tanks on the market.



  • Can house various fish species as well as invertebrates
  • Leak-resistant design
  • Distortion-free glass
  • Gorgeous appearance



  • Has a relatively shallower depth than most other 80 gallon tanks


Prerequisites to Using an 80 Gallon Fish Tank

  • Placing a large fish tank with slightly more or less than 80-gallon capacity is a big deal. Choose a spot where you can permanent set up the tank as you cannot relocate a giant aquarium from one room to another anytime you want.
  • Do not place the aquarium under direct sunlight, this could aid a faster growth of algae. Keep it in a quiet location, preferably at room temperature. Make sure you can see the bottom of the tank clearly.
  • If you’re purchasing an aquarium for the first time, we would suggest you to start off with freshwater fishes. If you want to create a saltwater environment, it’s necessary to have in-depth knowledge about the right salinity level for different types of fishes.
  • Make sure the cabinet is sturdy enough to hold up a heavy fish tank.


Things to Consider before Buying an 80 Gallon Fish Tank

  • If you own a small gold fish or a betta fish, splurging over an 80-gallon tank would be really an overkill. Do consider the types and number of fishes you pet. Ask an expert about the ideal tank size to ensure the optimum fitness and safety of the fishes.
  • Pay attention to the filtration system. Using a regular-sized filter for large tanks would fail to keep the water properly clean and hygienic.
  • The best 80-gallon fish tanks or just about decent fish tank should come with essential plumbing kits and have a convenient setup.
  • Choose the right lighting system for your tank. Lights aren’t just meant for decorative purposes. It also helps the plants to produce food. It is best to invest in a set customizable of LED lights suitable for large tanks.


The Final Word

After a thorough discussion with my teammates, we have unanimously agreed that 80 Gallon Starfire Aquariums is the best 80 gallon fish tank of the year. It is far above any other large-sized fish tank in the race. From features to performance to looks, everything is top-notch in this model.

All Glass Aquarium with a holding capacity of 75 gallons kind of beats even Starfire when it comes to the use of premium technology.

Even the rest of the products featured in this article in unique in their own terms. Theirs is no reason you should be confused. The internet has the answer to almost all your queries, plus you can always refer to aquarium know-it-all(s) around you to help you with the decision.